Hello all current and future travelers! I tend to go by Jamie! My boyfriend and I will be sharing our experiences on this blog in the hopes that we will inspire others out there to travel. I grew up in the mindset that travel is just for the rich, or should be saved for our “golden years”, which is ridiculous! I grew up in Texas and had only ever really traveled to Florida, parts of Texas, a few drive by of other states. Moving to Colorado has been the best decision of my life, and once I had seen its beauty I knew I needed to see as much as possible. After a few major life changes I decided that I would travel no matter the road blocks. We will both be graduating in December 2019 with our Bachelor’s, and as a gift to ourselves we are setting off to go backpacking in Asia for approximately six months! We aren’t influencers, we just want to show people that it is possible to accomplish this particular dream without spending major bucks. My whole life I have been in search of something, and am hoping to find it on this next adventure! I am sad to see this chapter end, but excited to begin writing the next! Here’s to inspiration!
(–> Walter) Travel… Something I would imagine something everyone would want to do but doesn’t know how. Traveling alone is one thing but traveling with a partner is a whole other experience. Alone can become boring and uninspiring, I know because I experienced this traveling America on my motorcycle. Traveling with someone you love or enjoy will make the experience magnitudes better given from Jamie and I’s experience in Mexico. There are multiple reasons why people would want to travel but my experiences are going to be food and cultural experiences. I will highlight mainly these experiences because for one I love spicy foods which will be classified into 3 categories, American, Mexican and Asian from least to most spicy respectively along with their delicacies and taste. Culturally will be addressed because I am heavily American but have some derivation of Asian from my mother, Filipino, and her word on what to expect. Enjoy!